In Tents  adds a personal ambience to the party  with your selection of  flags and "fru fru", our word for all the extras.  We have hand batiked flags and banners; paper lanterns from India, Mexico, and Japan; parasols from Bali and Japan; tie dyes, serapes, saris, and lace panels; Tibetan prayer flags and  altar cloths;  strings of twinkie lights and white globe lamps;  Moroccan lanterns; flowered oilcloths  for the tables; and 30 gallon barrel candles  with fir tree cutouts. We often mix these elements with our velvet drop in red, black or blue.

The Mexican Serapes and the Guadelupe Prayer Flags brighten a White Awning Tent. The Serapes added to a 20 X 20 White Tent with Picture Window Wall curtain an instant guest room with the warmth of a red rug and Mexican Paper Lanterns.
Moroccan lanterns glow softly at night and look great in the daylight too.
The Tibetan Altar Cloth hangs framing an altar at a memorial.
The "bones" of a Moroccan lounge built by In Tents waiting for the wedding planner to cover our blue tables with flowers and silks.
Spandex Triangles add interest in the afternoon in a beer garden, but at night they explode with lightshow colors.

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