The graceful mini shoreline is the backbone of the In Tents staging strategy. We have four: three are 20 x 40,  in black or beige shadecloth or earth toned  canvas; and a white vinyl that is 28 x 44. They can be set at different heights depending on the size of the stage and the crowd. In Tents also covers stages with our 30 x 40 white tent, set on 10 or 12 foot legs. We can hang black curtain or one of our backdrops at the 30 foot deep point to create a 10 foot sheltered loading zone.

The mini shoreline.
Our earth-toned mini shoreline with extended awning increases the shade on a west facing stage.
The mini shorelines also work well with smaller crowds and stages.  In this photo, the Egyptian applique is the backdrop.

Above: White vinyl mini shoreline with Egyptian tent field walls.
Egyptian tent panels rigged as a stage drop.
Our 40 x 40 White Tent covering the stage with matching 12 x 16 White Tent as sound board cover. The stage is set up to have a black curtain at 30 feet back, so there is a protected loading zone for equipment behind.



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