Our largest white tent

The 40 x 80 White Tent set up with the Buddha Eyes and a customized rope light sign.The space inside the recycled and refurbished aluminum frame needs no center poles, so the interior is entirely open, as are all our frame tents. Click here for larger view

Event planners love our white tents!
Manufactured in our renovated barn workshop using recyclable vinyl from France, they have sturdy steel frames and shed roofs, leaving optional windows at each end of the tent.

The 25 X 40 White Tent with Clear Skylights allows trees and sky into the room even when walled for privacy.
The 40 X 60 white with open skylight triangles and one wall of white summer screen hung on the sunny side.
Dancing in the 40 X 60 white tent with the triangles in place.

Summer Screen Walls and Skylights create a refreshing and bug free shelter for a buffet under a 25 X 20 White Tent.

The beauty of the summer screen wall is that from the shade you can see the landscape right through the wall, but there is a sheltered privacy from the outside.


A 20 X 20 White Tent with Picture Window Wall. We use picture window wall when the occasion calls for shelter, but the view is desirable. Above the back wall in this photo we have installed a clear triangular skylight.
A 20 x20 white tent with Egyptian tent panel hung as colorfull privacy screen.

25 X 40 White tent set up with 8 dressing rooms and a hallway using Egyptian tent panels

To see a closeup click here

8 X 40 foot awning set up and ready for vendors. Awnings can be constructed using any of our decorative or white walls
25 X 40 white tent with India tent panels and lace panel "doorways" set up as three dressing rooms
10 x 10 White Pyramid Tent.


The 22 foot Tibetan octogon was the prototype for the International Achievement Award won by In Tents in 2001. Highlighted here as a front gate, with India wall set as field wall in the background.
10 X 10 Italian cafe canopy with a summer screen wall

Egyptian tent panel roof  appears subtle and earthy from a distance, but literally glows from inside.


Our antique cotton canvas 30 foot mini-top was once a mainstay of the tent industry. Not in production for many years, its old fashioned charm has shaded pony rides and been draped with red chili peppers at harvest festivals.
10 X 10 Rainbow canopy with summer screen wall
20 X 40 mini shoreline used here for a music workshop.

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